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Preservation of Human Rights is a community based organization working at the grass root level. It was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 by a group of social workers having several years of practical experience in the field of Rural Development. This society was formed with the objective of promoting community development through participatory approach. The organization work for integrated rural development in collaboration with the Govt. and non- Govt. Agencies.

It was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and registration No. district/east/society/204 by a group of social workers having several years of practical experience in the field of Rural Development."

The Mission & Vision is "Enhancing the Holistic Development of Community"

  • To work for National and International integration and unity, to work for country and community services, to work for social welfare of world community without discrimination of nation,religion,caste,colour or creed

  • To create awareness for epidemic, vaccination and hygienic living through campaigns and to work upon the project conducted by UNICEF & WHO etc.

  • To work upon Health and family welfare, nutrition, mother & child welfare projects and to organize camps and to open dispensaries based on Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani and Acupressure treatment.

  • Raising levels of awareness and protect on of human rights.

  • To promote Gandhain values in all part of the world.

  • To organize relief camps and trips in the natural and manmade calamities affected areas such as flood, earthquakes, war and riot affected areas, train accidents etc.
  • To create environmental consciousness through mass education and awareness programmes.

  • To create awareness towards a general public regarding Environment protection, Drug addiction, family planning and family welfare, health, immunization, tree and plantation, social forestry, population control, Leprosy welfare.

  • To provide technical and non technical education including computer education to the Tribals, poor and needy people.

  • To provide the education to the students/young boys and girls for social upliftment to through light on the problem regarding health and sanitation and current social and socio economic problems regarding women and children. Viz.dowry, child labour, alcoholisms, drug addiction, early age marriages, discrimination towards the female/girl child by arranging village camps, talks, conferences, street plays etc.

  • To arrange for free medical camps and blood donation camps and to help and assist the govt.authorities and/or suffering humanity, during flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquake, storms, epidemic, accidents etc.

  • To work for and/or promote the upgrading of the environment by assisting in the purification of polluted water, air, land and food.

  • To promote sexual and social equity through social awareness and consciousness and to work for the welfare of girl child.

  • To work for Aids and Leprosy Awareness and its prevention.

  • To work for promotion of Handicrafts.

  • To create awareness for hygienic living in urban and areas, to encourage the use of biogas , biomass char coal Bhatti and smokeless stove, to work for some important issues environment management and urban solid water management.

  • Custody, Police, Jail, Lok Adalat, Apradh Niyantaran, Legal Assistance, Crime, Terrorism, Conspiracy & to preserve human rights in custody.

  • To take up main law full step for Anti Corruption, and Crime, detective and Dowry system, and all type corruption cases etc.

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