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Non-Formal Education Programme

The flagship education programme is to provide education through Non- Formal Education (NFE) Centres , especially to those children who are Non-school going, street and working children, rag-picking children and main emphasis and prime focus on girl child education to ensure quality of education, higher retention in the primary school, reduction of school drop out rates.

The prime objective is 100% enrolment of children in the project areas and to improve the access and retention of out of school in mainstream of education through Non-formal education Centres for children in the age group 6-14 years. The programme is envisaged to provide children their basic rights of getting education.

Preservation of Human Rights is having Non Formal Education Centre located in slums and villages scattered in different states in India

Community Health Programme

The general health conditions of the people living mainly in rural areas is apathetic. This is due to their utter lack of proper knowledge about health, hygience, sanitation & dietary habits. There is need to impart them the proper knowledge to them so that they can enjoy good health on the basis of which development in various walks of life would be possible.

Preservation of Human Rights tries to instill the elements of sanitation, hygienic practices, good dietary habits, yoga(Asanas & Pranayam etc.) amongst the members of the community and to generate awareness about total sanitation campaign related to health.

General Health Camp

Quarterly health camps are being conducted for the women and children and families in the Preservation of Human Rights project areas, based on the needs expressed by community. Health Camps which are include immunization programs, cardiac, referral service, eye, dental and special camps are organized in several areas from time to time and approximately 1100 families are being benefited from these health camps. Preservation of Human Rights health workers visit and survey such families, mobilize and motivate them, making them health conscious.

Water sanitation

Rural Sanitation Programme envisages promoting "Environmental Sanitation" as a package aiming to address the issues to reduce the probability of people's exposure to diseases and providing hygienic environment and taking measures to break the cycle of diseases by improved management of human, animal and domestic wastes.

A Low Cost Toilet Unit This includes but is not limited to :-

hygienic management of human and animal excreta

safe disposal of waste water and storm water

safe disposal of garbage

safe handling of drinking water

domestic and food hygiene

personal hygiene including promotion of hand washing

village cleanliness

Livelihood programme

Livelihood programme is a special focus area of Preservation of Human Rights programme intervention activities for vulnerable and deprived families and communities which include creation of income generation activities, micro business, skill development, micro finance development (SHGs formation), providing vocational trainings for needy persons for skill development, providing employment opportunities for youths, women and traditional artisans. Preservation of Human Rights emphsises on self employment generation programme and eradication of unemployment through skill based training. The skill training includes providing various vocational trades and establishment of micro entrepreneurship development skill to the downtrodden families and communities. The Preservation of Human Rights also explores avenues of marketing such products produced by beneficiaries.

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