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Volunteer with Preservation of Human Rights - be a change catalyst

If you have an expertise on any of the programs we are conducting or you are interested in furthering any of our ongoing programs, we request you to join us. Depending on your availability and the city and locality in which you live, we can chart a mechanism that suits you. You can also volunteer to work in remote areas in which we work. We therefore, encourage you to join us according to the time available to you and you can do many things- you can get involved with the children, you can get involved in our advocacy efforts, you can educate on micro-insurance, you can join in our campaigns, you can get involved in capacity building of the poor and so on and so forth. It all depends upon your area of interest and the geographical area in which you live as it should also match the program.

We specially urge the experienced people who have retired from their regular jobs to use their free time and enormous experience for the betterment of the poor people.

We also urge the professionals to take out time from their busy schedules and help the marginalised and weaker sections by imparting their technical expertise for their empowerment.

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