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Project report - Kudawa Village

Village - kudawa

Address - Near maa mundeshwari mandir,

District kaimur ( bhabua), bihar.

Area 5000 sq.m

Cast musahar ( st)

Total population 285 , 175 ( male), 110 ( female)

Literacy 5% ( total), 4% ( male), female (1%)

Economical situation very much poor

Occupation To cut trees and leafs from forest and sell in the local market.

Land - No

House hut ( some indira awash)

Health status suffering from vector borne diseases and another diseases ( blindness, tuberculosis, gastric, malaria , dengue etc. )

Meals malnutrition e.g. - eats a rat, hunting and eats wild animal, eats wild fruits.

Programmes Running for kudawa village


  1. Pre-primary To provided foods and education , books, cloths, nutrients for 0-5 years child.

  2. Adult education To providing education for males and females in the evening.

  3. To provided computer training.


  1. To continuously organized vaccination programme for child and health checkups and provided free medicines

  2. To Provided health checkups for pregnant women and medicines.

  3. General health services provided.

  4. To provided treatment and diagnosis facilities and medicines for vector borne diseases like malaria,dengue etc and other severe diseases.

Cleanness -

  1. To aware people about hygiene and sanitation and clean environment.

  2. To make bathrooms and latrines facilities for villagers.

  3. To provided bleaching powder for purifying of water.


  1. To provided nutrients and nutritional foods for 0 6 years childs.

  2. To provided nutrients, balance and nutritional foods for pregnant women and disease suffering patients.

Skills -

  1. To provided computer training.

  2. To provided awareness about programmes running by government.

  3. To provided awareness about human rights.

  4. To provided awareness about perfect use of RTI.

  5. To take actions under human rights.

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